What is an Indictment?

What is an Indictment? An indictment is a formal list of charges against an accused. Indictments are required as part of the United States Constitution's 5th Amendment. Indictment is also mentioned in the constitution under Article 1, Section 3 in the U.S. Constitution. An indictment is not any evidence of guilt. If you have been charged with a crime, you should call me, I am a Criminal Defense Lawyer (434) 660-9701.

Somone said to me recently that, "they charged [the accused] and put them on trial soo they must have done somthing wrong." This is what comes from those who don't know what they are talking about and, are exercising a lay-z analysis. For like my beloved, now deceased Nana use to say, "when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me."


The reason that we must solidify that indictments are not any evidence of guilt originiate in the fact that Indictments are a "rubber stamp" administrative porcedure. Just like what former Chief Judge sol wachtler said, "if a district attorney wanted to, a grand jury would indict a ham sandwhich." Certainly, this is abundantly true. Indictments are stamped in back rooms, by career government employees. Not, by a Jury of the people. Our United States Juries similar to the unperverted election process are soo important.

Because there is a media driven asinine analysis hord out there that exists today. There are narcissist in power at all levels; Federal, State and Local government. They have taken advange of the good graces of the people, all while proclaiming to be the heros but, are in fact the very face of evil. Only a Citizen Juries unperverted verdict should be given any creedence whatsoever. Especially with todays anarchy that is our Federal, State and yes, local Justice departmentschri.

Then and Now

In the past, there were numorous civil rights leaders that were the subject of persecution. God has a way of reminding humanity to do the right thing. Subsequently, on more then one occasion, the falsely or unjustly persecuted ended up in high level leadership decades later. To those in power that seek to pervert our system of justice, you should be fully aware of that.

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