What is a Protective Order?

In Virginia, a Protective Order is typically a restraining order or Court order stating that one party cannot contact another. In other words, a court order directing two people not to have contact with each other. Usually, this also means extended family and friends. That a person cannot contact another person even through family or friends. Often, if you violate a Protective Order you will be charged with a crime. So it is highly advised you follow all the terms of a Protective Order. I am a Lynchburg Protective Order Attorney, Free Consultations (434) 660-9701

Often these Court orders or directives are sought because of abuse. Sometimes they are sought out of personal narcissism.

Virginia Restraining Order Law

Virginia Code Section § 19.2-152.10. Protective order addresses Protective Orders in Virginia. There are several types of Protective Orders.

Preliminary Protective Orders

Preliminary Protective Orders are Ex Parte Injunctions. In other words, these are hearings or filings with the court that are a likely violation of Due Process. Subsequently, the very temporary nature of the Court Orders is how the government gets away issuing them. Essentially, a preliminary protective order is one where one party went to the local Magistrate and said they want a Court order against a person.

In essence, an accused person does not even have to say or show much to get one of these. Most of the time this is made in good faith. Often though this is not made in good faith and is a narcissistic maculation of the accuser. Ex Parte hearings are hearings where the other party has not had the opportunity to be heard, not had the chance for their side of the case to be heard to the court. Stringent restraints must be imposed on any type of Ex Parte hearing.

Permanent Protective Orders

Another type of Protective Order is the Permanent Protective Order. These types of Protective Orders are ones where the accused or the person the Protective Order is sought against has had a hearing on the matter and has had a chance to have their side of the case heard. These kinds of Protective Orders are also subject to abuse. The truth is that our system of Government is a reflection of the citizenry. The citizenry is racist, and suffers from things like confirmation biased, administrative evil, cognitive dissonance, bureaucratic denial, and dehumanization, among other factors combine to cause decision makers to deny what is in front on their own two eyes. All of this is statistical. There is data on this. This is not some made up perception.

Lynchburg Protective Order Attorney

I have experience both asserting a protective orders for clients and defending them for clients. Protective Orders can have severe implications. They can allow a person to continually suffer if they are not enforced. Or, on the other hand, if there are no grounds they can allow the rights of those they are subject to be taken from them.

Protective Orders can affect your employment amongst other rights. I have seen a law enforcement officer seek to manipulate a court hearing based on her own false perceptions. In essence, If you are acting in an unobjective nature, allowing illogical conduct to affect you, you should not have a gun and a badge or be allowed to assert power on natural born U.S. Citizens. Basically, I think what those that seek to abuse their position don’t understand is that even if you are getting away with it now, flow of humanity will one day hold you accountable for your fraudulent incompetent conduct.


Protective Orders are subject to abuse themselves. Subsequently,  this is actually a real problem in society. There are people that seek a protective order for the wrong reasons that are unfounded. Accordingly, there is a certain percentage of the population that has faulty processes of analysis for their interpersonal existence. This would formally be known as a “crazy person,” today we say “mental health.” If you are seeking a protective order or are defending one, you should call me for a free consultation I am a Lynchburg Virginia Protective Order hearing attorney (434) 660-9701

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