What is a Deposition?

What is a Deposition? A deposition is typically when a lawyer asks a witness a series of questions prior to or out of court, wherein a court reporter is present and recording the entire statement. This is for the purpose of later being used at trial or in a court hearing. If you have an upcoming Deposition, you should call me for a free consultation (434) 660-9701 Depending on your state, a deposition can either be in a Criminal or Civil proceeding.


In Civil Law, a party is usually permitted to take depositions of other parties and witnesses. The transcripts or sometimes even video recorded depositions are later be played to a jury. This Often, depositions in Civil proceedings are used for the purposes of settlement. Civil proceedings are usually primarily about money damages. Sometimes they can be about more then money damages like, injunctions.


Virginia does not typically have criminal proceeding depositions. Florida does though. In Florida, your criminal defense attorney is permitted to depose the police officer prior to trial. In Virginia this is not allowed. Virginia does however, have preliminary hearing wherein the arresting officer is usually called to testify, in which case this can be recorded or transcribed by a court reporter.

Deposition Attorney:

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