Case Results

Striving for Success with Attorney Chris White

Attorney Chris White, strives to achieve successful results on behalf of our clients. We approach each client as a unique individual with specific needs and circumstances. With the representation of a dedicated attorney, you can rest assured that your case will be meticulously investigated and thoroughly prepared. This helps us fight for the best possible outcome on your behalf. Contact me at (434) 660-9701 for a free case evaluation and further information.

Some Recent Case Results:

$50,000.00 Drunk Driving Auto Accident Settlement.

A mother was driving home one evening in Lynchburg, Virginia. While waiting at a stop light, a drunk driver with prior DUI convictions slammed into the back of her vehicle causing severe injuries and significant property damage.



$100,000.00 Motorcycle Accident UM Policy Limits.

A husband and wife were riding there motorcycle in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. A deer jumped out in front of them causing them to swerve off the road. The wife was severely injured. At, first the insurance company denied her claim for compensation, after fighting for my client we were able to get her the full policy limits of $100,000.00


$139,000.00 Car Accident Settlement.

Car accident with less then $500.00 in property damage. The client was significantly injured and was forced to seek a substantial amount of medical treatment. I was able to negotiate and secure the settlement for the client after diligent work on the file.

$100,000.00 Policy Limits Motorcycle Accident Settlement.

My client was riding a motorcycle to the local store. While on the way another motorist whom was suspected by the authorities to have been driving under the influence collided with my client. The other motorist fled the scene. I was able to secure the full UM policy limits for my client.

$75,000.00 Car Accident Settlement.

My client was impacted by a large truck. This was a trucking accident. My client sustained a herniated disc amongst other serious injuries. I secured a settlement for my client that was well in excess of the previous attorneys offer of settlement.

$44,000.00 Car Accident Settlement.

Intersection collision involving small coupe and crew cab truck. The crash resulted in the client receiving a concussion with loss of consciousness. Originally, the insurance company offered $6,000.00. After diligent work on the clients file we were able to secure $44,000.00 for the client.

$35,000.00 Car Accident Settlement.

After securing the bodily injury policy settlement of $10,000.00 from the at fault party, I was able to secure another $25,000.00 from my clients UM policy. Given the facts of the accident, how the accident happened and the implications of the foregoing this was a good result for his case.

$28,000.00 Car Accident Settlement.

Three vehicle accident involving a commercial truck.

$25,000.00 Policy Limits Car Accident Settlement.

My client was the victim of a hit and run road rage accident. My client thought that they may have a claim completely unrelated to the accident when they came into my office, after I provided him with a free consultation, I was able to secure the full UM policy limits for my client.

$10,000.00 Policy Limits Car Accident Settlement.

One of my clients was in a car accident, the previous attorney on the case had not secured a policy limits settlement. After cleaning up the file, reviewing the facts of the accident and providing a well written demand, I was able to secure the full policy limits for my clients case.

$10,000.00 Policy Limits Car Accident Settlement.

My client was the victim of a reckless driving accident. After diligent work on the file, and explaining the meaning of punitive damages to the insurance company, I was able to secure a policy limits settlement of $10,000.00 twice for both her and her husband.

$20,000.00 Policy Limits Car Accident Settlement.

My client was driving along the beach boulevard in her small SUV when an emergency vehicle code 3 with lights and sirens on approached the on coming intersection. My client, as any that hears and sees this stopped as to not impede the authorities. She was subsequently rear-ended by another driver causing hospitalization.

$15,000.00 Car Accident Settlement.

My client was t-boned by a negligent driver not taking diligent care while driving. As a result, my client sustained a chipped tooth. After significant research on the implications, the life long dental care required and the age of my client; I was able to secure a settlement for my client that should cover treatment for the remainder of his life.

$14,500.00 Car Accident Settlement.

Car accident settlement for a client that was struck by a negligent driver. As a dedicated car accident attorney, I take great honor in representing clients for the claims against insurance companies. I routinely focus on the full value for my clients insurance claim.

$7,500.00 Car Accident Settlement.

My client had been injured in a car accident. She rear-ended another driver. The police officer determined that the other driver was significantly at fault for the accident. After diligent work on the file, explaining the retrocessions to the insurance company and negotiations; I was able to secure a settlement that was favorable to my client.

$7,654.97 Car Accident Settlement.

Our client was in an accident on the way home from work one evening.

$4,000.00 Car Accident Settlement.

My Client was in a multi-vehicle car accident in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. My client went to the Doctor once for pain related to the accident. Do to the lost income of a high earner and the clear liability of the at-fault party, I was able to secure a settlement for my client.

$2,000.00 Diminution In Value Property Damage Settlement.

My client attempted to settle a lost resale value claim with the insurance company prior to retaining me as his lawyer. After drafting a well written demand letter, negotiating with the insurer and more then doubling the previously offered settlement. I was able to secure a favorable settlement for my client.

$1,250.00 Diminution In Value Property Damage Settlement.

The insurance company wasn’t too excited with me on this claim. I represented my self in a diminution in value claim. I was driving my brand new jeep wrangler unlimited, two months after I rolled off the lot with it a driver rear-ended me. Needless to say, I was not happy. The insurance company undervalued my claim, so I filed a lawsuit on them.

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