Ridesharing App Accidents

Ridesharing App Attorney

Have you recently been in an accident involving a Ridesharing App? I am an experienced and dedicated Ridesharing App Lawyer. I represent clients that have been in auto accidents involving ridesharing apps. A ridesharing app accident case has its own set of circumstances and details.

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Maximum Value Injury Attorney

As a dedicated and experienced injury lawyer I pursue the maximum value for my clients ridesharing app cases. I have represented several clients for ridesharing app cases like Uber and Lyft. These sorts of cases entail their own facts and circumstances that are particular to the ridesharing app. For example, Ridesharing apps typically initiate different levels of liability depending on what stage of the app the app is on. Also, these app usually carry an additional magnitude of liability.

Car Accident Lawyer

Most ridesharing app usage is with cars and SUVs. In most cases a client will be a passenger. However, I have represented clients that were drivers for ridesharing apps. One case was significant because what stage the app was on when the accident occurred affected the level of liability coverage.

Passengers In Ridesharing App Accident

When a car accident occurs and I am retained on a case I do a diligent investigation. I usually start by ordering the police report. After this, I will communicate with witness’s, view the scene, document damage, and obtain insurance policy limits information. This investigation becomes vital later for the case. Photos of the scene, property damage and your injuries are important because a photo can say things that cannot be described in words.

Most people using ridesharing apps are passengers. Passengers in a Car Accident Case almost always have a claim for insurance compensation. This is because passengers in a car accident are rarely, if ever, determined to be at fault. I have represented multiple people in the same vehicle in the same accident.

Injury Lawyer

As a dedicated Injury lawyer, if retained, I closely examine your medical records to obtain maximum value for your case. Having reviewed thousands of pages of medical records, I am an experienced injury attorney. It becomes vital that while reviewing medical records we closely examine the details of treatment. Because, it is important to highlight the treatment for the insurer to review. Quite often, the medical records form the basis of what will later become any potential damages award from a jury or secured settlement from an insurer. As, such it is important that they be properly reviewed.

Free Consultations from a Ridesharing App Attorney

If you have been in a ridesharing app accident or any sort of auto accident, please do not hesitate to contact me now at (434) 660-9701. I run a global law firm and have helped clients all over the United States and World. More then once I have had clients call me and have obtained compensation for them that they were not even aware of. Please call me for a free consultation so that I can give you a free case review. You may be entitled to compensation.

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