Security Clearance Lawyer

Security Clearance Attorney

Military, Federal Employees and Government Contractors

Many factors are often involved in Security Clearance Defense. The Law Offices of Christopher G. White, P.A. can meticulously investigate the circumstances, and provide a response to the Defense Office or Hearings and Appeals. Let me take my experience representing numerous Security Clearance Defense Clients and put it to work for you. Whether you just received a Statement of Reasons from your superior officer, were walked off site, or want me to represent you in front the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals. You most likely need the Security Clearance for your job, I provide free consultations via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or phone (434) 660-9701. If you need a security clearance lawyer in Washington DC, Florida, or anywhere in the United States, contact me today.

Security Clearance Attorney

Federal Security Clearance Attorney 

The Government could have cause to revoke your security clearance for the following, as listed in Defense Directive 5220.6:

Depending on the incident, the conduct the government is calling into question I may be able to help you keep your security clearance. I can do partial retainers for just Response to a Statement of Reasons or you could retain me for Trial before the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals.

If the Federal Government has deemed that you may be a threat to national security, you should call me. I utilize the “whole person” concept when defending my clients from a security clearance Statement of Reasons.

Security Clearance Defense Lawyer

If you need a lawyer for security clearance, please call me today for a free consultation (434) 660-9701. I also provided Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request services for clients.

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