One Dead In Campbell County Hit and Run

A “Hit and Run” accident is typically an accident that is caused by a person that immediately leaves the scene after having caused the accident. I have represented several clients for hit and run accidents and have secured policy limits settlements for clients as a car accident lawyer. Hit and Run cases have been steadily increasing in prevalence over the past decade.


A man was charged with a hit and run in Campbell County, Virginia. The accident occurred on January 23, 2021. Unfortunately, the accident killed one individual involved. Virginia State Police reported that an overturned vehicle was involved. When a vehicle flips or is overturned, the likelihood of injury or death increases substantially.


The motor vehicle collision occurred on Route 29 before 9p.m. approximately one mile south of Route 699. This is a highly trafficked area in the locality. There were two cars involved. One was a Toyota Camry. The other vehicle was a Kia Sorento. The Kia Sorento was traveling in the right lane and sideswiped the Toyota Camry. Both vehicles were moving down the road in the southbound direction.

The local authorities stated the impact of the crash caused the Toyota to run off the left side of the highway. After the Toyota went off the highway it hit a ditch and rolled over several times eventually stopping in the northbound lanes.  The driver of the Toyota Camry was taken to the hospital and later pronounced deceased. The other passengers in the Toyota Camry were also injured.

The Virginia State Police said the Kia Sorento stopped momentarily before continuing southbound. Virginia State Troopers located the car several hours later. The driver of the Kia Sorento is facing hit and run charges and the state police are investigating further.

Whenever a “hit and run” occurs, civil punitive damages typically will apply. These are damages that are applicable when the defendant in a civil case goes above and beyond negligence into recklessness or willful wanton conduct. Punitive damages are usually used to punish a defendant when they act in a particular offensive way. In essence, any potential jury will most likely not like the fact that the Kia Sorento driver left the scene of the accident without contacting authorities or rushing to the aid of the flipped vehicle. 

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