My Airplane Full Electrical Failure Emergency.

I was once flying an airplane when the entire electrical system went out. This was in Florida. In hindsight, it was good experience. Later, it was determined that the airplane had fuse and alternator problems. They had to replace the alternator, which unfortunately grounded the airplane for weeks.

Myself and my instructor were at approximately one thousand feet on the up wind when the entire electrical system went out in our 1980’s model Cessna 172. When the electrical system in a Cessna 172 fails, the engine keeps running because it has several redundancy’s in the engine for incidents like this. However, the whole panel, radios and everything but the engine will turn off. Fortunately, it was a good weather day.

One of the other concerns when the electrical system in an Airplane fails is losing communications with Air Traffic Control or the Tower. Fortunately, we did not lose contact with tower as I carry with me a handheld ICom radio just in case. If you are a pilot, it is a good idea to carry a spare radio especially if you are flying older airplanes.

Aviation Attorney

Aviation Attorney

The avionics in the airplane was a very nice Garmin 650 touch screen. For those that are not pilots, the avionics in an airplane is an important consideration when flying. The avionics are the instruments and navigational systems. Like everything in aviation, the avionics can be extremely expensive.

After the incident, the airplane was grounded for weeks. Consequently, this was the most stressful part of the entire event. This was because I was nearing the check ride for an instrument rating. Having only a lesson or two left. This was the airplane I had done most of my training in. When it went down for a few weeks, this in turn caused a delay in my training, the check ride and, moving to the next step in my aviation adventure.

Fortunately, I was able to complete my instrument rating in the airplane. My check ride was a whole other story. The designated pilot examiner that did my check ride had himself a great time on my check ride. At the end of my check ride, as we were heading back, he asked to take the controls saying he never gets to fly these Cessna 172’s anymore. That was the closest I have ever gotten to redline speed in a Cessna 172. The never exceed speed.

Aviation Attorney

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