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Mopeds are a convenient, gas-efficient means of getting around town. Unfortunately, because they are smaller than a vehicle and not as fast as a motorcycle, mopeds are subject to greater risks of accidents. The Department of Transportation does not directly track Moped fatalities and injuries as the result of auto accidents, rather Moped Accidents are classified as "outside vehicle" accidents. This is because the definition of a moped by the National Highway Traffic Administration is grouped together with pedestrians and motorcyclists. If you have been in a moped accident you should call me, I am a Lynchburg moped accident lawyer.

Many moped accidents are caused by the drivers of four wheeled vehicles who simply weren’t paying attention to their surroundings. I am a moped accident attorney and I represent clients that have been in moped accidents. 

Christopher G. White, was the victim of a serious moped accident that left him with permanent injuries scarring 30% of his face. As a result of this experience, he decided to help others who had been injured due to negligence, and fight to make sure that they wouldn’t be taken advantage of by insurance companies or other involved parties. Attorney White is a dedicated moped accident lawyer who can meticulously investigate and prepare a case that fights to meet your needs.

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Moped Accident Lawyer

Causes of Moped Accidents

There are many variables involved in vehicle accidents – moped accidents are no different. It’s important to retain the legal help of an Attorney that can effectively investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident and fight for compensation on your behalf.

Moped accidents can be caused by the following, and more:

These accidents can result in severe injuries that require substantial medical care. Don’t settle for the first offer you get – check with a trustworthy personal injury lawyer to ensure that you are getting the amount you deserve.

Some Facts about Moped Accidents:

"Over 90% of drivers involved in moped or scooter crashes were uninsured. Only 17% of all drivers wore helmets. Alcohol and drug use was a significant risk factor severe and lethal crashes OR 2.09, 95% CI (1.64, 2.66). Risk factors amenable for state intervention and associated with increased severe or lethal injury were unpaved roads OR 1.57, 95% CI (1.30, 1.88); driving speeds > 20 mph OR 2.02, 95% CI (1.73, 2.36); posted speed limits >30 mph OR 1.40, 95% CI (1.22, 1.62); major roadways with 4 or more lanes OR 1.83, 95% CI (1.04, 3.21); and poor lighting conditions OR 1.69, 95% CI (1.23, 2.32)." Miggins M et al. Mopeds and scooters: crash outcomes in a high traffic state. J Trauma.(2011)

Your Lynchburg Moped Accident Lawyer

Before attending law school and becoming an Attorney, I was in a moped accident that left me with permanent injuries. After I attended undergraduate school, I wanted to go out and see different places in the United States. I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. It was a great experience, given the nature of the Island of Oahu at the time, a moped seemed like the most logical choice for transportation to and from work. As a low income service industry employee, the moped I purchased was a LinHai 49cc. With a total cost of $800.00, it had a one year manufacturers warranty. This was a deal that was hard to beat given the cost of getting around the Island through other means.

The day of the accident, I was on my way to work, in the middle of the afternoon. While riding my moped I was thrown through the air and landed in the ditch. Thankfully, there were people to rush over and help me. Luckly, an off duty EMS lady was nearby getting ready to go kayaking in the beautiful Maunalua Bay. She held the side of my face until the ambulance arrived.

I completely understand how people could get addicted to Fentanyl. When I got to the hospital, the gave me a large dose. A person could be missing a limb but with a substantial amount of Fentanyl they would likely not feel it. This is a photo of me in the Emergency Room after they injected me with Fentanyl, the doctor is cleaning the asphalt out of my hand preparing me for surgery.

After a week in the hospital, I moved back home to Lynchburg, VA. What I found highly frustrating was the lack of compassion by the insurance industry. From that moment on I decided to be a personal injury attorney fighting to make society safer. The "powers that be" like the insurance industry dictate how safe society will be. They proscribe the intersection of efficiency and acceptable safety risks. Essentially, if a risk becomes too expensive to insure they will take measures to make it less expensive, insurance and government are closely intertwinded. Often, after a severe or fatal accident the local government will place precautions or preventative measures on roads like guard rails or warning signs. Unfortunately, these are usually the result of a reactive as opposed to proactive measure. If you have been in a moped accident you should call me for a free consultation (434) 660-9701

Pursue Compensation with a Lynchburg Moped Accident Attorney!

Attorney Chris White is wholly centered on the client. We are able to provide legal advice and guidance that is tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances, while providing them with compassionate support through their difficult circumstances. This personal attention sets us apart from many other firms in the area. To begin your pursuit of just compensation, call me at (434) 660-9701 today.

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