DUI "RoadBlocks" are now DUI "Checkpoints"

Lynchburg DUI Defense Attorney

Lynchburg DUI Defense Attorney

The authorites use to call DUI roadblocks,  just that, A "roadblock." Because that is what it is, a "roadblock." In Contrast today, they have softened that terminology for their own agenda into what is now called a "checkpoint." This is a result of the modern day temperance movement. Courts have permitted what is likely an Unconstitutional practice of stopping U.S. citizens without cause and with the intent to violate the "reasonable suspicion" standard of investigating criminal activity. If you have been charged with a DUI you should call me for a free consultation, I am a Lynchburg DUI Defense Attorney.

Important Legal Standard:

A DUI Roadblock or "DUI Checkpoint" may be avoided using legal driving manuevers. Although, the driver seeking to avoid the roadblock avoids it by using legal driving manuevers, the authorites are not provided the legal standard of "reasonable suspicion" in order to stop a suspect. Bass v. Commonwealth (2000)

The whole purpose of the legal standdards of "reasonable suspicion," "Probable cause," and the other standards is soo that the United States does not turn into a police state. A police state that unwarranting violates the rights of it natural born citizens without a reason. Because, reason is the cornerstone of law at its foundations.

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