Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

If you have recieved a reckless driving ticket in Lynchburg, Virginia or the surrounding counties you should call me for your free consultation (434) 660-9701. Consequently, I am a Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney. Also, have represented numorous clients for reckless driving tickets, let me put my experince to work for your.

Traffic Violations, Reckless Driving:

Traffic Violations and Reckless Driving can increase insurance premiums, cause license suspensions and possibley land a person in jail. Generally, I advise you get in contact with a Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney. Free consultations (434) 660-9701 Lynchburg Virginia


There are several defenses we can explore for your traffic ticket. I would need to examine the evidence against you and we would discuss the best course of conduct. Sometimes, I can get the case dismissed outright. Often, a common way to sway a court to dismiss a case or the government to drop a traffic case is through malfuntioning equipment. Even perhaps getting your speedometer tested can assist in your defense.

Moreover, Some defenses to a traffic case are for the attorney to examine the radar or speed testing device. Subsequently, depending on the quality of evidence and the maintance of its peramiters, we may be able to get your case dismissed.

Are Traffic violations civil or criminal matters?

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors. Depending on your state and the nature of the traffic violation it could be a considered a criminal matter. Some states classify traffic violations as a civil matter. Also, the severity or nature of the particular traffic violation could also mean that something is a civil or a criminal matter. Some states classify traffic tickets as a civil penatly as opposed to a criminal charge. Other states, an accused can incur criminal jail time from a traffic ticket.

Lynchburg traffic ticket lawyer

Chris White Lawyer, LLC. is a Lynchburg, Virginia Law Firm. Available for consultations in person, via Facetime, Skype, Zoom or phone (434) 660-9701. Please also check out my practice areas in Criminal Defense Attorney and Car Accidents. At my Law Firm we focus on the best result for the client. To stay connected I have a Youtube InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedInTumblrBloggerRedditYelpAvvo and Justia.Chris White lawyer, LLC

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Available with appointment (434) 660-9701:

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