Sex offense defense litigation

Sex offense defense litigation

Sex Offense Defense Litigation

Have you been charged with a Sex offence? I am Lynchburg Sex Offense defense litigation attorney. The FBI recognizes that %2 of all those accused of a sex crime are innocent. Depending on the academic source, that number goes up to %15. Moreover, if we look at international statistics, the sometimes a person is accused of a serious sex offense simply because they did not text her back.

Criminal Defense

Regardless, we live in an age where insults, lies and things that just aren't true have created an atmosphere where the deranged feel empowered. Subsequently, the Lynchburg City Authorities have taken that to the next level and will ignore basic reason and logic. Particularly, prima facie evidence of innocence if only but to puruse their subjective personal cognitive dissonance. Accordingly, if you have been charged with a Sex Offence you should call me I am a Lynchburg Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Reasons for a Defense

Moreover, the assetion that someone has been sexually assualted can sometimes come out of an accuser whom is not correct in the mind. Significantly, someone that it is not abundantly obvious that they are a psychiatric patient yet are a psychiatric patient. Certianly, there is case law on this. Overall, confirmation bias, administrative evil and dehumanization of the accused in a sex offense case occurs.Unfortunatly,  Law enforcement does not always get it right and if what I have seen with my own two eyes hold true, prosecutors are underhanded criminals getting away with a crime against the community. 


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