Restraining Order Litigation

Restraining Order Litigation

Restraining Order Litigation Attorney

If you are in Lynchburg, Virginia or the surrounding counties and are the subject of a Protective Order either seeking or defending one, you should call me for a free consultation (434) 660-9701. In Virginia Restraining orders are called Protective Orders. I am a Lynchburg Restraining Order Litigation Attorney.

What is a Restraining Order?

A Restraining Order is when one party seeks for the local court to enter a judicial order dictating that one party cannot come around another party. Sometimes, this is just the "presences of" or maybe even as limited to cannot "communicate to." Sometimes, this can be as encompassing as cannot come within miles of the party seeking the protective order.

Restraining Order's can have serious employment implications and can affect other rights also, such as firearm rights. Violating a restraining order can incur a criminal arrest warrant and charge.


I am an experienced attorney who has represented several clients that were the subject of a Protective Order hearing. I have represented clients for both, seeking to enforce a protective order and defending against one.

Restraining Orders

Often protective orders are sought do to individual crazy persons. Both, those that are around stalking other people and some crazy persons seeking protective orders for improper reasons. For example, some will seek a protective order because they felt embarrassed about their own conduct and they need to justifiy it somehow to themselves. This is an unfortunate reality. Just as often, protective orders are sought because a crazy person is stalking another. This is also an unfortunate reality.

In any event you should call me for a free consultation, (434) 660-9701

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