Criminal Record Expungement Attorney

Criminal Record Expungement Attorney

Lynchburg Virginia Criminal Record Expungement Attorney.

The expungement of a criminal record can be a great way to further your future employment prospects. Usually, the record is destroyed and all information surrounding the matter leading to the need for expungement erased. However, one must keep in mind that in the internet age, certain information will always be out there. For example, the criminal online mugshot industry. Lynchburg Virginia Criminal Record Expungement Attorney (434) 660-9701

Also, If you were falsely accused of something, you may not want your records expunged because anyone that questions your innocence you may want them to be able to obtain anything they want to look at regarding that accusation.

Criminal Record Expungment

Chapter 23.1. Expungement of Criminal Records.

§ 19.2-392.1. (For contingent expiration date, see Acts 2021, Sp. Sess. I, cc. 550 and 551, cl. 9) Statement of policy.

The General Assembly finds that arrest records can be a hindrance to an innocent citizen's ability to obtain employment, an education and to obtain credit. It further finds that the police and court records of those of its citizens who have been absolutely pardoned for crimes for which they have been unjustly convicted can also be a hindrance. This chapter is intended to protect such persons from the unwarranted damage which may occur as a result of being arrested and convicted. 
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