Lynchburg Bond Hearing Attorney

If you have been arrested, you should call me, I am a Lynchburg Bond Hearing Attorney. Citizens of the community can be arrested for a wide range of reason. Often, people are arrested for absolute nonesense and the authorities do not know any better because there has not been a full and fair investigation or hearing on the matter. Unfortunaly, far too often people are held without Bail, this is not fair without weighing the evidence against the accused. If you have been arrested you should call me for a free consultation (434) 660-9701.

Factors At A Bond Hearing:

There are many factors that go into representing someone for a bond hearing. Often, the court will consider:

  1. The Place of Birth.
  2. The ties to the community, including the length of time he or she has lived at the current and former addresses, current contact information, family relationships, immigration status (if applicable), employment record and history, date of birth, and social security number.
  3. The physical and mental health, educational and armed services records.
  4. The immediate medical needs, including chemical dependency treatment.
  5. The past criminal record, if any, including adult criminal convictions and juvenile adjudications and prior record of court appearances or failure to appear in court, counsel should also determine whether the accused has any pending charges, whether they are on probation or parole and past or present performance under supervision.
  6. Current immigration status and immigration history.
  7. The ability of the client to meet any financial conditions of release.
  8. The names of individuals or other sources that counsel can contact to verify the client’s provided information (counsel should consult with the client before contacting these individuals).
  9. Other such information necessary to determine potential exposure under the sentencing guidelines.
  10. Any necessary information waivers or releases that will assist the client’s defense.
Lynchburg Bond Hearing Attorney

Holding an Accused Pre-trial

When persons are held pretrial it is often a consitutional violation. Unless the accused has provided the authorities a reason to be held pretrial there is little legitimate state purpose in keeping person in custody prior to being provide a full and final hearing on their case. 

A really good article from the ACLU : "Every year, millions of people are arrested, required to pay money bail they cannot afford, separated from their families and loved ones, or subjected to long periods of incarceration based on the mere accusation of a crime."

Lynchburg Bond Hearing Attorney

Lynchburg Virginia Bond Attorney

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