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Have you been charged with a Crime? You should call me for a free consultation (434) 660-9701. I am a Lynchburg Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney. I have represented clients for a range of charges from traffic tickets to first degree murder and, everything in between. My focus for clients is to obtian the best result on their behalf and with their consent.


Criminal Defense Attorney

Innocent Unless Proven Guilty: This is still America and you have rights.

I am far to aware of the arbitrary manner with which even the Lynchburg City Government will conduct themselves. There are people in positions of authority within the City of Lynchburg Virginia that will put an innocent U.S. citizen on trial. They are exercising legal analysis that is not only foundationally unjust, but contrary to the law of the Commonwealth of Virginia, U.S. Constitution, and International Human Rights Law. What many in the community do not comprehend is that the law is not really the black and white letter that we all are raised thinking it is, the law is whatever the locally elected officials want it to be. Selective enforcement of the law is a thing, it is unconstitutional, and has its own trancendant repercussion.

Criminal Justice System Attorney

Holding Goverment Accountable

Government prosecutors will not hesitate to get up in front of a Court room a spew lies, engage in unethical conduct, commit perjury in open Court and disobey direct court orders. Your local government is not what you think it is, you need someone to fight for you. Because your life may depend on it. The Lynchburg City Prosecutors office will make things up to the local court system without any evidentairy indication. This is a fraud on the court, foundationally. Your local government has people within it that are liers, you need someone that will tell the truth for you. The reality is that the way the Lynchburg City Prosecutors Office conducts case is contrary to reasonable application of the law. Here is some local Lynchburg crime data.

Lynchburg Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense in this Country

In the United States, this country was created with the notion that people asserting authority should have an ethical standard of conduct. That they should pursue what the "evidence" shows and not the hysterical non-sense absurdity would have you believe. I have seen cases go to trial that make no plain sense. Total government transparency must be established in this country, because as it sits, that is not the status. Government actors can do something extremely wrong to citizens and they just plainly get away with it. This is a crime against the community, the commonwealth and the nation.

If you have been charged with a crime, please do not hesitate to call me for a free consultation (434) 660-9701. I am a Lynchburg Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney.

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Lynchburg Criminal Defense Lawyer

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