For Clients

First Call The Local Authorities:

As a general matter, after a car accident you should first call the authorities. In some states this is a legal requirement. After you call the authorities I highly suggest you call me. I am a dedicated personal Injury attorney. I recommend you call me before you call the insurance company.

Keep the Driver Exchange of Information:

After you call the authorities they will most likely provide you with a driver exchange of information. This is a document that typically has information related to your car accident on it. You should keep this document. This is highly convenient if I need to order the traffic crash report.

Take Pictures of The Scene, Vehicle Damage and Injuries:

Photos are quite often highly beneficial to a car accident claim. This is because photographs can explain an event in ways words have a hard time doing. You should take photos of an accident after an accident has occurred. This includes taking photos of the scene, the property damage and your injuries. Essentially everything related to the accident.

It is usually best not to post anything about your case on the internet:

As a general matter, after a car accident it is usually best not to post anything about your case on the internet. If you already have posted about your case, that’s ok, maybe just refrain from further posts until after your case is resolved. Posts about your case on the internet can later be used to evaluate statements about the accident.

Medical Treatment:

After a personal injury, many clients need medical treatment. As a general matter I suggest clients do what the doctor prescribes because this will be important later when it is time to resolve your case. The doctor will document your injuries so that I may use the medical records later to pursue full value for your claim. Medical records are usually the primary source when we evaluate the value of an injury case.

Medical Lien:

A letter of protection is essentially a lien on the settlement of a case. This is important because many of my clients simply do not have the money to pay for medical treatment out of pocket. The lien secures the medical providers interest in their medical bills on your case without them requiring payment upfront or at the time of service. In other words, the medical provider will put the collection of the bill on hold. Also, at the end of a case sometimes, I am able to negotiate the medical bills down from what was originally billed.

Policy Limits:

When we refer to the policy limits for your insurance claim or car accident case, this is usually all of the insurance money available. Insurance companies write insurance policies. Insurance policies are essentially contracts with the insured that in the event of a loss the insurance company indemnifies the insured up to a certain amount. This amount is known as the policy limits.

What is an Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Policy?

An Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Policy is one that may be applicable if another driver cause an accident and then leaves the scene. Or if another driver’s insurance policy does not cover the full extent of the damages.

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