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Have you been injured in an auto accident? You should call me for a free consultation (434) 660-9701. Let me use my experience with injury compensation cases to obtain the maximum value for your auto accident injury case. I am a Lynchburg Car Crash Attorney.

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Today, in the United States the insurance industry has spent millions if not billions in order to manipulate the masses into believing that those who make an auto accident injury claim are making it up. Though this may be true for a small percentage of persons, for the vast majority, an injury claim for compensation is absolutely justified. Insurance companies conduct psyops on the population and it really saves the insurance company billions in subdued insurance claims. Unfortunately, this is often at the detriment of basic right and wrong.

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For example, many clients have said things to me like “I don’t want to be a bother” or “I don’t want to waste your time,” the only time wasted or bother made is not providing you everything you are entitled to. By ensuring insurance compensation, it makes society safer. Insurance companies have a lot to do with the efficiency v. safety balance. In other words, if unsafe conditions become expensive for the insurance company to insure, they will do things like lobby for department of transportation to put up signs, guard rails or even certain designs of vehicles. However, if compensation is not pursued insurance companys will not do much. The reality is, most safety measures are written in blood.

Lynchburg Car Wreck Lawyer

Lynchburg Car Wreck Lawyer

Another example prior to becoming an attorney years ago is when I had a family member that was killed in  a car crash. The mother and father of the young lady did not want to make a wrongful death claim against the at-fault driver because they didn’t want to seem greedy to the behest of their deceased child. This is a false perception because let me tell you, insurance companies have no soul. They  are soulless. The insurance company should have given the full policy limits to that mother and father immediately however, they remained silent on the sideline padding the pockets of their shareholders.

If you have been injured in an accident or your loved one has been killed in a car crash, you should call me for a free consultation (434) 660-9701 because insurance companies and their representatives are not for you they are for their shareholders. I am a Lynchburg Car Crash Attorney and I am here to help.

Lynchburg Auto Accident Attorney

Lynchburg Car Crash Attorney

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